Our Story

This place we call “The South” resonates in ways that extend far beyond borders drawn on a map, and it does so perhaps more than any other region in the US.

The South, we can all agree—its culture, its geography, even its climate—is organic. A living, breathing entity that invites and embraces but can also contradict and even infuriate. It emotes; drawing us in and refusing to let go, a siren call for travelers lost to wanderlust and expatriates alike.

As such, the South is full of rich stories, both its people and its places. The Voice of the South exists to give these stories a voice, including, and maybe especially, those that otherwise might not have found one.

We love the South. We grew up here, live here, raise our kids here. It’s home. Come visit—be sure to bring the whole family—and let us tell you about our place, the South, one story at a time.