Nicest Places in the South: Little Rock, Arkansas

Named for a landmark protrusion into the Arkansas River, Little Rock has long been at the very crossroads of America. Come climb, hike, and explore the city’s Pinnacle Mountain; cycle, run, or walk over the biggest dam-mounted pedestrian bridge in the world; shop, eat, and play in the revitalized downtown River Market—and you’ll begin to see what we mean.

Saturated with Southern history, this city international has hatched Presidents and poets, heroes and billionaires, pioneers and visionaries.

Join us throughout September 2014 as we “set a spell” on Little Rock’s veranda, sweet tea in hand, and tell story after story about one of the Nicest Places in the South.


5 Fantastic Places to Stay in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

More than a place to settle in for the night, each of these Little Rock favorites offer the most memorable experience of genuine Southern hospitality


Little Rock’s Big Dam Bridge

Little Rock, Arkansas

The longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in the world spans more than just a river, joining generations, communities, and hobbyists alike


9 Things You Absolutely Must Do While in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas

From downtown trolley to the heights of Pinnacle Mountain, Little Rock shines with these nine places you don’t want to miss


In Praise of Pinnacle, Little Rock’s Mountain Premier

Little Rock, Arkansas

Doorkeeper to the Ouachita and Ozark mountains, Little Rock’s massively fun-to-climb Pinnacle is a long-established and regular favorite for a whole lot of folks


Capitol Capital: Building an Arkansas Architectural Treasure

Little Rock, Arkansas

Sixteen years, prison labor, and an expanding purse earned Arkansas a turn-of-the-century neoclassical Capitol building that instills pride in residents of the Natural State.


A Southern Paris: Paris, Arkansas

Paris, Arkansas

Gateway to one of the highest peaks between the Appalachians and the Rockies, the little town of Paris, Arkansas, will not be overlooked.


David O. Dodd – The Arkansas Boy Martyr

Little Rock, Arkansas

Caught on the wrong side of war-torn Arkansas, David O. Dodd was hanged as a Civil War spy but heralded as a martyr

William Woodruff Print Shop, restored at the Historic Arkansas Museum

The First Gazette of Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

One of the longest-running newspapers in Southern history wasn’t started by a Southerner but by a New Yorker.


16 of the South’s Most Beautiful Churches: Part One

Worshiping with marble and arches, stained glass and steeples, Southern believers state by state have a glorious heritage in ecclesiastical architecture


Peanut Butter: Southern Gold

Little Rock, Arkansas

When the whole world is stuck on peanut butter, it means big winnings for a Southern economy.


From the Oceans to the River: The USS Razorback

North Little Rock, Arkansas

From Tokyo Bay to the Turkish navy, this indomitable submarine served over half a century until finding a home on the banks of the Arkansas River


Images of a Southern Poet’s Soul

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock’s John Gould Fletcher was born in a time and a place between two worlds, and his writing strove to represent them both well.


Irish Sports, Southern Twang

Nashville, Tennessee

If you traveled the globe you wouldn’t likely see a group of Southerners playing Irish sports with the Parthenon as a backdrop. Unless you’re at Centennial Park in Nashville, that is.



Memphis, Tennessee

From North Carolina to Memphis to New Orleans to Little Rock, the rhythms and sounds of Pinkney Herbert’s artwork have been shaking it up in museums and studios across the South.


Restoring the Forgotten Dreams of the Taborian Hall

Little Rock, Arkansas

Standing in ruins for decades, the once lively Taborian Hall caught the attention of one woman who dreamed of seeing its glory once again


The Dunbar Project

Little Rock, Arkansas

Named for one of America’s greatest poets, Dunbar pioneered the way for better education among Little Rock’s neglected black population

Lady Baxter

The Brooks-Baxter War

Little Rock, Arkansas

A few short years after the end of the Civil War, political strife in Arkansas led to a war within the state’s Republican party

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