Nicest Places in the South: Guthrie, Oklahoma

Oklahoma has plenty of small towns that, if you blink, you just might miss. Guthrie, Oklahoma, is one you don’t want to miss. Guthrie has everything a city in the South should have—an intriguing history that goes back before statehood, an extraordinary historic district that is a step back in time, and a vibrant community making more history and beautiful things every day.

But as the first capital of the South’s last “frontier,” Guthrie presents it all with a touch of Western flair.

Put your boots on and saddle up as explores Guthrie, Oklahoma, one of the Nicest Places in the South.


Town Overnight: The Story of Stunning Guthrie, Oklahoma’s First Capital

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Once the center of all things Oklahoma, Guthrie remains to this day one of the loveliest Victorian towns in the South


Lovely by Design: The Gift of Foucart to Guthrie

Guthrie, Oklahoma

From Belgium to Paris to the new territorial capital of Oklahoma, Joseph Pierre Foucart brought beauty to life and impressed it on the buildings of an age


The Guthrie Gunfighters

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Meet the Guthrie Gunfighters, a self-proclaimed “wild herd of owl hoots and lawdogs” with a passion for the West, a penchant for the dramatic, and a seemingly endless supply of blanks.


Guthrie’s Elbow

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Simultaneously cradled and threatened by Guthrie’s Cottonwood Creek, a neighborhood, a people, and a way of life faced troubled times enough—and survived


Racing for the Promised Land: The Oklahoma Land Rush


As the Unassigned Lands in the Oklahoma territory opened, settlers fueled by Manifest Destiny rushed to the frontier to stake their claim.


Celebrating ’89, Guthrie Style

Guthrie, Oklahoma

The ’89er Festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma celebrates more than the Land Rush, it celebrates the birth of Guthrie itself.


The Life and Death of Elmer McCurdy

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Not even death could put a stop to ham-handed outlaw Elmer McCurdy’s terrible luck.


The First American Cowgirl: Lucille Mulhall

Guthrie, Oklahoma

With teacup proportions and daredevil spirit, Lucille Mulhall carved a name for herself in the unapologetically masculine world of the cowboy.


Outlaw on the Open Range: The Story of Bill Doolin

Guthrie, Oklahoma

At age twenty three, young Bill Doolin left the sharecropping legacy of his parents to pursue the life of a cowboy, utterly unaware that he would one day be hailed as one of the greatest outlaws of the Wild West.


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Whodunnit? Mystery at the Stone Lion Inn

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Once the most expensive home in Guthrie, the Stone Lion Inn is now host to murder, mayhem, and mystery.

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