Nicest Place in the South: St. Augustine

As the oldest city in the country, St. Augustine has its fair share of stories to tell. From the far-flung ambition of Spanish conquistadors to the budding hope of the nation’s first free community of ex-slaves, the city boasts a rich and layered cultural history. Today this sweet little patch of Florida sunshine boasts a perfect blend of Spanish flair and Southern charm, and this happy fusion is evident everywhere, from the graceful arches and terracotta tiles of the city’s architecture to the eclectic iterations of its fresh-from-the source seafood. Whether you’re looking to take a plunge into history or a just a stroll down a sun-dappled street, come see why we think St. Augustine is one of the nicest places in the South.


Saint Augustine: Inexorably Tied to the Sea

Saint Augustine, Florida

From first to last, the South’s most ancient city is and has always been a water wonderland par excellence


A Growing Feast in Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine, Florida

Like other Southern cities before it, Saint Augustine has taken a locality rich in regional farming and fishing and a city known for tourism and translated this bountiful situation into a powerhouse of dynamic Southern cuisine

Evangello Gonzalez el galeon

Gators, Galleons, and the Fountain of Youth: What to See in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida

Both young and old, history buffs and modern thrill seekers can find something to tickle their fancy in America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.


Something Old, Something New, in 440-year-old Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine, Florida

The oldest city in the South has always been—and still is—a place of action, interest, beauty, and community

john stavely fountain of youth

Florida’s Ever-Fantasied Fountain of Youth

Saint Augustine, Florida

There is little question Juan Ponce de León discovered Florida, but what about the fabled Fountain of Youth? The folks at Saint Augustine have long said yes, and they’ve got the Park to prove it!


The South’s Oldest City

Saint Augustine, Florida

Saint Augustine will forever be “the oldest city” not only in historical fact but in the fondness its citizens and visitors have for the pivotal role it played in America’s early history

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