Nicest Place in the South: Louisville, Kentucky

Named for the Bourbon monarch of revolutionary times, Louisville has been around as long as the republic and early distinguished herself as the queen city of Kentucky.

Join us throughout the month while we cheer on the horses as they hit the track, catch the sights on historic steamboats, taste the flavor of the South with mouth-watering, finger-licking’ chicken, and listen close for the crack of the world’s most famous bat in Louisville, Kentucky — our Nicest Place and the nation’s very own “Gateway to the South”.


Sweet Noshings: A Celebration of Kentucky Cuisine


If you ever find yourself in the Bluegrass State, be sure to pull over and pop in to take a taste of these Kentucky originals.


America’s Favorite Bat: The Louisville Slugger

Louisville, Kentucky

Bud Hillerich dreamed of spending his days playing baseball, but he never imagined his passion for the sport would carry his family into a legacy as enmeshed in Americana as the sport itself.


Dreaming in Black and White: Kentucky’s Berean College

Berea, Kentucky

John Fee dreamed of a school that provided a practical education for all students regardless of their race, gender, or status, and he succeeded in creating the first multi-racial, mixed-gender school in the South in 1866.


The Bodacious Belle of Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

The spirit of industrialism and adventure emblematic of the steamboat era lives on in the Belle of Louisville, Louisville’s own one-hundred-year-old riverboat.


Five Things You Didn’t Know about Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

While thoroughbreds may reign supreme in Kentucky, there’s more to Louisville than horse racing and mint juleps.


The Abbey of Gethsemani: One Kentucky Monk’s Sorrows and Triumphs

Louisville, KY

Born in the shadow of the Great War, Thomas Merton sought a path to lead others from war and destruction to peace and love.