Nicest Place in the South: Lewisburg, West Virginia

Lewisburg, West Virginia


How Lewisburg Became the Coolest Town

Lewisburg, West Virginia

How did a sleepy county seat tucked away in the middle of West Virginia’s mountains get to the lofty stature of “coolest small town in America”?

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The Sweetest Days of the Year: Lewisburg’s Chocolate Fest

Lewisburg, West Virginia

When you’re done getting in touch with nature, come down to Lewisburg and get in touch with your inner chocoholic.


Lewisburg and the Founding of a Frontier

Lewisburg, West Virginia

When it was all said and done, frontier-town Lewisburg, West Virginia, found the very type of success most who head into a frontier territory dream of finding

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From the Caves to Carnegie Hall: What to Do in Lewisburg

Lewisburg, West Virginia

Tucked into a quiet corner of the Allegheny Mountains, Lewisburg boasts an unexpectedly eclectic mix of offerings, all snuggled into a petite package of cozy mountain charm


Happy Landings—and a Whole Lot More—in Lewisburg, West Virginia

Lewisburg, West Virginia

Irish pubs and national-review drama—as well as national secrets—the historic mountain town of Lewisburg is chock full of surprises


A Southern Carnegie

Lewisburg, West Virginia

New York City may be home to a Carnegie Hall but not the only one


Lord Dunmore’s War

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

In an unexpected twist of fate, royalist Lord Dunmore’s attempts to distract constituents from their imminent rebellion proved to be the first stroke of revolt


Monroe County: West Virginia’s Agricultural Heart

Union, West Virginia

In a state known primarily for its coal and timber production, West Virginia’s Monroe County is the perfect picture of the best the Mountain State has to offer in farm country


The Railroad Legacy of the Western Virginias

Ronceverte, West Virginia, and Covington, Virginia

The railroad was central to the development of many parts of America, and nowhere is this more evident than in West Virginia and western Virginia


Rural Churches of the South

Florida, Virginia, West Virginia

The South has some churches of superb architecture and stature that can stand next to any of the world. But our smaller, more typical churches, especially in rural areas, have a beauty and interest all their own.


Commercial Architecture in the American South

Aside from great monumental works, much of the nineteenth century’s architectural focus in the South was residential, but the early to mid-twentieth century was commercial architecture’s heyday


Oakhurst Links

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Set in these West Virginia mountains, the first official golf course in America is still in the game today