Nicest Place in the South: Birmingham, Alabama

There’s no question as to why Birmingham, Alabama, has been able to hold on to its claim as the “Magic City.” With a history as rich as the iron ore that once settled deep within its hills, Birmingham served as a hub for the reinvention of the post-bellum South, as one of the darkest battlegrounds of the Civil Rights movement, and as the incubator for some of the region’s greatest minds, from the father of flight to the inventor of the windshield wiper. Add to that a rich cultural scene featuring art, theater, and musical talent from Bobby Horton to Big Mama Thornton, and it’s no surprise that we think Birmingham is one of the nicest places in the South.


Meet Vulcan: The Bare-Bottomed Mascot of Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama

The largest cast iron statue in the world began its existence almost as luckless as its mythological analog


Embracing the Past: Birmingham’s Civil Rights Institute

Birmingham, Alabama

The Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, is a fixture of the strength of its community, an establishment that rose from the ashes in order to embrace its past- and future.


Forge, Fight, and Rainbow Light: What to See in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama

From bare-bottomed Roman gods to brilliant rainbow tunnels, the city of Birmingham has a monument to suit every taste


The Alabama Theatre

Birmingham, Alabama

Saved by a hair from complete destruction, Birmingham’s beautiful Alabama Theatre remains one of the South’s best examples of the impact a state’s architecture has on its culture


Birmingham’s Bobby Horton

Birmingham, Alabama

Millions worldwide have heard this consummate musician perform, but he is still at heart just a Southern hometown front-porch picker.


Redefining Pop: Act of Congress and the Newgrass Revolution

Birmingham, Alabama

This fresh, newgrass band from Birmingham is taking pop back to its roots.


Rain, Sleet, or Snow, Give Thanks for Mary Anderson

Birmingham, Alabama

There was a day, believe it or not, when there was no windshield wiper


Green Space on Red Mountain

Birmingham, Alabama

Red Mountain has always taken good care of Birmingham, and now the city benefits enormously by taking good care of the big Red


Blues, Big Band, and Rock & Roll: The Evolution of “Hound Dog”

Birmingham, Alabama

Armed with pen and the back of a paper bag, two Jewish teenagers changed music history with one bluesy song written for Birmingham’s Big Mama.


Spider Martin and the Civil Rights Movement: Changing the World through Photography

Birmingham, Alabama

With a simple camera lens, Spider Martin exposed the world to the real Civil Rights Movement and effected change others had been working toward for decades.


Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois

Tuskegee Institute, Alabama

Born decades before the Civil Rights Movement of Dr. King’s time, two teachers made their own strides toward racial equality.


Full Speed Ahead!—150 Years of Remembering the Battle of Mobile Bay and the Siege of Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan, Alabama

For the first three days of August, thousands gathered to watch nineteenth-century battleships trade fire with world-class Fort Morgan in one of the South’s largest and best Civil War reenactments ever.

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