Nicest Places in the South : July 2014

Nashville, like many Southern cities, is less of a destination and more of an experience. It’s a town where you jump in—boots first, of course. It’s a place where memories are made. And Nashville has plenty of memories to share. We could tell you all about the city’s country music roots, but you probably know all about that already. Instead, we want to tell you some of Nashville’s lesser-known tales.

Let’s start way back and hear why Nashville isn’t called Nashborough anymore, or learn which Nashville patron won a duel over his wife’s honor by rearranging a bit of clothing (hint: he was also a President). Take a walk through Printer’s Alley, and you can learn why Nashville came close to being called the Printing Capital of the World instead of the Music Capital of the World—and learn how many a Nashville citizen spent their after-hours having a good time in this notorious business neighborhood.

Next you’ll want to read about a group of Southerners who are bringing a bit of the luck o’ the Irish to the Music City, and then let us tell you why the city has a full-scale replica of Greece’s Parthenon in Centennial Park. How about a story about the Nashville university that was saved by a group of singers? (Sorry—still not about country music!)

And that’s just a sampling of Nashville’s memories waiting to be shared. So take a load off and let us tell you some of our favorites. You won’t be sorry you did, and you may even get an urge to head to Music City and make some memories of your own. Either way, you’ll definitely learn something new about our pick for July’s Nicest Place in the South.

Southern Restaurant Innovations

Savannah, Georgia; Saint Augustine, Florida; and Gainesville, Florida

Not only are foreign and ethnic cuisines often very well represented in the South, but fusion cooking and diverse inspiration have taken off in Southern locales

Savannah’s Unconquerable Urban Core

Savannah, Georgia

The city Sherman spared has also had the sense to save itself from economic and architectural ruin, preserving the best of its ingenious planning and native beauty

The Savannah Architecture of John S. Norris

Savannah, Georgia

He was one of the most important architects of his time, and he hit his stride of greatness when he started building in the South

The South by Night: The Revolution of Modern Lighting

Savannah, Georgia

In the past, when darkness fell, the world changed—until men could find clever means of bringing illumination into their homes

The South’s Most Haunted City? Savannah, to Be Sure

Savannah, Georgia

One of the oldest cities in America, Savannah has this ghost thing in the bag—parks, cemeteries, houses, and hospitals that look beautiful by day—and will totally creep you out by night

Henry Clay Lewis and the Rise of Southern Gothic Literature

Savannah, Georgia

The prestige and grandeur of the antebellum South, plunged into the chaos and ruin of the War and its aftermath, provided the perfect setting for one of America’s most unique genres of the literary arts

The Wyld and the Seafood Culture of Coastal Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

Can you in Savannah find high-quality, innovative, and fresh seafood in a casual environment? You can at the Wyld, a new restaurant already known for breaking some of the rules.

The Notable Legacy of Madeira in Charleston and Savannah

Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia

The exotic island wine that supported America in its infancy is poised for a comeback with surprisingly delicious results

Tybee Island: Georgia’s Little Island Paradise

Tybee Island, Georgia

The easternmost point in all of Georgia, Tybee Island has been one of the state’s most popular resorts for nearly a century and a half

Old Fort Jackson and Savannah in the Civil War

Savannah, Georgia

Built over 200 years ago, Georgia’s oldest brick fort stands as a memorial to Savannah’s part to play in a War that ravaged the South

Southern Ports: The Maritime Backbone of Southern Economies

Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia

Maritime fortunes may be more associated with the seafaring towns of New England in the popular memory, but make no mistake about it, such trade built the South as well

Savannah’s Metropolitan District: History and Revival

Savannah, Georgia

Old but beautiful buildings and neighborhoods across the South are finding new life infused into them—and there are few better examples of this than Savannah