What’s In a Name

Louisiana: The Pelican State

Louisiana: The Pelican State


Pelicans have been a symbol of this Southern state since the days of early explorers, but the 1960’s saw a decline and near extinction in the beloved bird of the Pelican State.

Oklahoma: The Sooner State


Settlers laying a claim sooner rather than later in the Land Rush of 1889 left behind a nickname and a legacy in the would-be state.

West Virginia: The Mountain State

West Virginia

The rugged West Virginia terrain leaves no wonder as to where the state nickname came from, but it also shaped the character of the people who call it home.

The Tar Heel State

North Carolina

From insult to honor, North Carolinians have borne the name well from the beginning.

Missouri: The Show Me State


One Missouri politician left behind a legacy of more than just policy, famously dubbing Missouri the “Show-Me State.”

The Palmetto State

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

The Palmetto State? What is it about the Palmetto tree that caused South Carolina to take that name?

Maryland: The Old Line State


Given a nod by the first US president, the history behind Maryland’s nickname goes back to the beginning of the nation itself

Tennessee: The Volunteer State


A lot of patriotism and a strong sense of duty led to the heroically-earned nickname of this Southern state.

Virginia: The Old Dominion State


The Old Dominion nickname is not only the oldest moniker of any Southern state but also belongs to the oldest colony of the New World

Florida: The Sunshine State


It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, but could this Southern mecca for sunshine also be a place of gray skies and rain?

Alabama: The Yellowhammer State


What might have started as a fashion statement, became a nickname and cheer for those in “The Yellowhammer State.”

Mississippi: The Magnolia State


From its comfortable shade in the heat of summer to its full, fragrant blossoms, it’s no wonder this Southern state chose to be known for the magnolia.