Shining a Light on Yesterday: The Foxfire Museum

Mountain City, Georgia

For all of our progress and advances, there are some things we left behind that might serve us well in our modern society—the folks at Foxfire can tell you what

Raised on Rice: The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

Brunswick, Georgia

Cotton may have become king in the South, but the great rice plantations had a royalty all their own

Casting Hope: The Mayfly Project

Benton, Arkansas

What do you get when you combine a love for fly fishing and a love for kids? Nothing less than a Jess and Laura Westbrook, that’s what.

Thomasville’s Quintessential South

Thomasville, Georgia

Whether you come for the celebrated restaurants, to buy some local cheese, or to seek out the elusive quail—and be sure to take in the high school football game too—Thomasville’s got you covered on Southern-townism

MacClenny’s Heritage Village

MacClenny, Florida

What began as this small Southern town’s modest restoration of their train depot has grown into a full-scale reproduction of century-ago village life

Tomato Time

Montgomery, Alabama

The time is right for enjoying a Southern summer’s favorite fruit

Brantley Farm #4: A Lot Going On Underground

England, Arkansas

Corn, cotton, rice, and soybeans stick their roots down deep into Brantley Farm soil as another hot Southern summer adds its own seasonal magic

Brantley Farm #3: Tommy’s Flying Service

England, Arkansas

Mark Carter and photographer Jonathan Funk bring the world of farming into focus by looking at a skillful pilot’s part in bringing food to America’s tables

Melon Mania

Montgomery, Alabama

As we hit high notes of Southern summer heat, nothing is sweeter or more refreshing than a mouthful of chilled watermelon

Digging Out and Raking In: Cedar Key Clams

Cedar Key, Florida

With hurricanes natural or political, Cedar Key folks have always been resilient. Clamp-down on fishing freedoms? No problem—we’ll just become the nation’s leading clam producer in a mere four years.

Every Angler’s Tale: The Story of Forrest L. Wood and Ranger Boats

Flippin, Arkansas

From one little Ozark mountain town came the boat of many a fisherman’s dreams—all it took was for one Ozark fisherman to turn the dream into a reality

Caroline Dormon and the Wilds of Louisiana

Briarwood, Louisiana

Who would have guessed? The little nature-loving girl from tiny Briarwood grew up not only to become botanist, horticulturist, ornithologist, historian, and naturalist, but Louisiana’s premier preservationist and the first woman forester in the nation.

A Little Bit of Old Greece in Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs, Florida

The South has many diverse ethnic communities, all with their own stories, and Tarpon Springs—the largest community of Greek-Americans in the entire nation—is a perfect example

Basil Beckoning

Montgomery, Alabama

Keep fresh basil in your kitchen this summer either by growing your own or by adding it to each week’s grocery list. I promise, you’ll find plenty of things to do with it.

Strawberry Fields Not Forever

Montgomery, Alabama

Fresh-picked strawberries are only with us for a short time each spring; get out and get some while the gettin’ is still good

Honeysuckle: Scent of the South

Asheville, North Carolina

Many Southerners may curse the invasive weed that, like its kudzu cousin, strangles unlucky plants in its path, but in the end it remains what it is—the essence of home

Brantley Farm #2: Sunlight on a Green Plant

England, Arkansas

Mark Carter joins Arkansas farmer Laudies Brantley for a planting-season tour in this second installment of the Brantley Farm series