Earnestine & Hazel’s

Memphis, Tennessee

From pharmacy to café to bordello to bar, Earnestine and Hazel’s many incarnations provide the perfect backdrop for local lore, tall tales, and good old-fashioned ghost stories.

Shining a Light on Yesterday: The Foxfire Museum

Mountain City, Georgia

For all of our progress and advances, there are some things we left behind that might serve us well in our modern society—the folks at Foxfire can tell you what

Of Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation: The University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Think University of Georgia at Athens is #1? You’re right: She beat out every other school by being the first state-supported university in the nation.

Raised on Rice: The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

Brunswick, Georgia

Cotton may have become king in the South, but the great rice plantations had a royalty all their own

Meet Mobile

Mobile, Alabama

Far more than its rich past, modern Mobile’s harmonious mix of yesterday and today creates the perfect weekend escape

The Ghost Town of Ellaville

Ellaville, Florida

Once the site of a large, bustling community, a massive commercial enterprise, and the residence of a former governor, Ellaville is now hardly a skeleton of what she used to be

From Athenian Ashes: Georgia Theatre Reborn

Athens, Georgia

When this century-old iconic music destination went up in smoke in 2009, restoration was hopelessly out of reach—until the magic of love and music turned it all around

Coming Home: The T. R. R. Cobb House

Athens, Georgia

At home once again in Athens, this Georgian Greek Revival beauty got lost for a while

Princeton’s Timely Creative Renaissance

Princeton, West Virginia

Ever since the coal industry changed, this coal-built mountain town has been mining it’s native spunk and creativity to add beauty on top of beauty

Down in the Delta: Greenwood, Mississippi

Greenwood, Mississippi

Take a day or two to discover this charming Delta town

Thomasville’s Quintessential South

Thomasville, Georgia

Whether you come for the celebrated restaurants, to buy some local cheese, or to seek out the elusive quail—and be sure to take in the high school football game too—Thomasville’s got you covered on Southern-townism

One Man’s Castle, Another Man’s Cottage: Carnegie’s Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island, Georgia

It’s been a playground for the wealthy and a happy home for wild horses—Cumberland Island is a peaceful paradise waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by many more

Smithey and Boynton and the Designing of Virginia’s Modern Architecture

Covington, Virginia

Two of the most important architects for their time and place, Smithey and Boynton brought the buildings of western Virginia into the twentieth century

Finding Your Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Whether you’re a history buff or a culinary enthusiast, this Arkansas gem has something to please

Morning to Midnight in Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama

If you haven’t seen Montgomery, Alabama, lately, you need to give it a second look—follow these instructions to have your best day in this capital city of the American South

From Arsenal to Academy: The Virginia Military Institute

Lexington, Virginia

The oldest state-supported military college in the country and one of the finest, VMI still adheres to original tenets set forth over 175 years ago

MacClenny’s Heritage Village

MacClenny, Florida

What began as this small Southern town’s modest restoration of their train depot has grown into a full-scale reproduction of century-ago village life