West Virginia

Ironmakers of Alleghany County, Virginia

Clifton Forge, Virginia

Ironmaking in Alleghany County might be an easy facet to overlook in this beautiful, rustic, and agrarian region, but it played a pivotal role in the Civil War and post-war years alike, setting the stage for the industrial might of Virginia and West Virginia

A Tasty Sampling of Appalachia

Asheville, North Carolina

Any good Appalachian cook knows that fast food is what you pick from the ground—a proper meal takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love

Odd Festivals of the South

Austin, TX; Marlington, WV; Spivey's Corner, NC; Clute, Texas; Tampa, FL

Down South, it isn’t hard to find a celebration. But some of our festivals are just, well—different.

Calving in the South: A Winter’s Work

Sinks Grove, West Virginia; Live Oak, Florida

Beef and dairy are two of the leading agricultural pursuits in the American South, and young calves can bring serious money—while the winter their born in can bring serious challenges to a calf’s survival

Preserves: The Soul of Summer in Southern Winters

Union, West Virginia

Southerners have long had to figure out means of providing ample food through the winter when food is scarce

16 of the South’s Most Haunted Places: Part Two


There are plenty of creepy corners of the South that will send a chill up your spine, but these are some of the spookiest—enter if you dare!

All Hail the Monarch!

Keep your eyes peeled for this month’s monarchs—they’re about to undergo the journey of a lifetime.

A Southern Carnegie

Lewisburg, West Virginia

New York City may be home to a Carnegie Hall but not the only one

How Lewisburg Became the Coolest Town

Lewisburg, West Virginia

How did a sleepy county seat tucked away in the middle of West Virginia’s mountains get to the lofty stature of “coolest small town in America”?

The Sweetest Days of the Year: Lewisburg’s Chocolate Fest

Lewisburg, West Virginia

When you’re done getting in touch with nature, come down to Lewisburg and get in touch with your inner chocoholic.

Lord Dunmore’s War

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

In an unexpected twist of fate, royalist Lord Dunmore’s attempts to distract constituents from their imminent rebellion proved to be the first stroke of revolt

Monroe County: West Virginia’s Agricultural Heart

Union, West Virginia

In a state known primarily for its coal and timber production, West Virginia’s Monroe County is the perfect picture of the best the Mountain State has to offer in farm country

Lewisburg and the Founding of a Frontier

Lewisburg, West Virginia

When it was all said and done, frontier-town Lewisburg, West Virginia, found the very type of success most who head into a frontier territory dream of finding

From the Caves to Carnegie Hall: What to Do in Lewisburg

Lewisburg, West Virginia

Tucked into a quiet corner of the Allegheny Mountains, Lewisburg boasts an unexpectedly eclectic mix of offerings, all snuggled into a petite package of cozy mountain charm

Our Southern Extremities: Chester, West Virginia

Chester, West Virginia

Chester, West Virginia, is the Northern extremity of the South, and they have the extremes to show for it.

Fayetteville’s New Life in New River Gorge Ecotourism

Fayetteville, West Virginia

For those who love nature and adventure, any day and every day is a fine day to visit this center for some of the best rock-climbing, camping, and whitewater rafting east of the Mississippi

The Railroad Legacy of the Western Virginias

Ronceverte, West Virginia, and Covington, Virginia

The railroad was central to the development of many parts of America, and nowhere is this more evident than in West Virginia and western Virginia