The John Mitchell Map and Urbanna, Virginia

Urbanna, Virginia

A small-town Virginia “doctor” and a most unlikely mapmaker, John Mitchell had some amazing gifts up his sleeve and hardly knew it

Jesse McReynolds, In Part (Part 2)

Coeburn, Virginia

From barn shows to the Grand Ole Opry, Jesse McReynolds has given the music world his same humble yet brilliant style over and over again for three quarters of a century

Jesse McReynolds: In Part (Part 1)

Coeburn, Virginia

These 87-year-old Appalachian-born fingers still know how to burn up the strings on a mandolin—and like nobody’s business

Smithey and Boynton and the Designing of Virginia’s Modern Architecture

Covington, Virginia

Two of the most important architects for their time and place, Smithey and Boynton brought the buildings of western Virginia into the twentieth century

10 Interesting Facts About James Monroe

Charlottesville, Virginia

He drew the line in the sand with his Monroe Doctrine, but did you know he had foreign capitals named after him?

From Arsenal to Academy: The Virginia Military Institute

Lexington, Virginia

The oldest state-supported military college in the country and one of the finest, VMI still adheres to original tenets set forth over 175 years ago

10 Interesting Facts About George Washington

Mount Vernon, Virginia

While the larger-than-life man doesn’t live up to every legend surrounding his life and presidency, there are still plenty of fascinating facts about the Father of Our Country.

A Fitting Tribute: Washington and Lee University

Lexington, Virginia

Say the two names together, and you bind two of the most iconic history makers of our country’s youth—and you also voice the name of one of the finest schools in the South

Kill Jeff Davis: A Failed Union Raid

Richmond, Virginia

It reads like the latest and greatest spy-espionage-adventure novel. The only problem is that it actually all happened.

10 Interesting Facts about Patrick Henry

Hanover, Virginia

There is a whole lot more to Patrick Henry than a great speech, even if he was one of the best orators of the Revolutionary period

10 Interesting Facts about James Madison

Montpelier, Virginia

Last of the Founding Fathers and Father of the Constitution, but what else do you know about this great Virginian?

For Generations of Generals: Virginia’s Lexington

Lexington, Virginia

Home to both Jackson and Lee, this beautiful little college town tucked away in the Virginia highlands is so rich with Southern history you can breathe, feel, and taste it

The Jilting of Richard Henry Lee

Westmoreland County, Virginia

This particular Lee made the original declaration that the colonies should be free, but political forces then muffled his career

First in Their Hearts . . . but Where Was Washington on the Fourth?

Mt. Vernon, Virginia

George Washington gets a lot of credit for his role in the founding of the United States, and he deserves every bit of it

100 Years and Counting: Historic Restaurants of the South (Part 1)

Middleburg, VA; Bardstown, KY; Arrow Rock, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX, Potomac, MD; Meridian, MS

In business for no less than a century, these dining venues are where history meets the culinary world

The Other General Lee

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

His historical fate was to live in the shadow of another Lee’s wartime stardom, but Confederate General Edwin Gray Lee has a story all his own and, according to his famous cousin, “was a true man . . . a great credit to the name”

Ironmakers of Alleghany County, Virginia

Clifton Forge, Virginia

Ironmaking in Alleghany County might be an easy facet to overlook in this beautiful, rustic, and agrarian region, but it played a pivotal role in the Civil War and post-war years alike, setting the stage for the industrial might of Virginia and West Virginia