100 Years and Counting: Historic Restaurants of the South (Part 2)

Cumberland, MD; New Orleans, LA; Tampa, FL; Bessemer, AL; Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; Galveston, TX

In a culture where the vast majority of new restaurant ventures won’t make it to their first anniversary, these Southern-rooted venues have made it to their centennials at the very least

100 Years and Counting: Historic Restaurants of the South (Part 1)

Middleburg, VA; Bardstown, KY; Arrow Rock, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX, Potomac, MD; Meridian, MS

In business for no less than a century, these dining venues are where history meets the culinary world

Country Music Rebel Charline Arthur

Henrietta, Texas

She pioneered a musical style a little ahead of its time—edgy, raw, and filled with the blues—pretty much just like the woman who sang it

Giving Thanks for Guy Clark

Monahans, Texas

Although the musical master that was Guy Clark may no longer be with us, his talent is; it lives on in the lyrics of some of our favorite country tunes, in the down-to-earthiness of his recorded voice, and in the vital spark of his successors

Seersucker and Sweet Tea: The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South (Part 3)

Mt. Berry, GA; Lakeland, FL; Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Sweet Briar, VA

Few can argue that the Southern college is a sight for sore eyes, but unquestionably their beauty goes a bit deeper than mere aesthetics

Gruene Hall: Same Dance Floor, Same Good Times

New Braunfels, Texas

Planted firmly in the rolling hills of central Texas nearly 140 years ago, the oldest continuing dance hall in the state is still as hoppin’ a place as it’s ever been

Mascots of the SEC: Part Four

Knoxville, Tennessee; College Station, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee

Mascots are at the heart of many revered, time-honored traditions, and nowhere in college football does loyalty run as deep as in the Southeastern Conference

Odd Festivals of the South

Austin, TX; Marlington, WV; Spivey's Corner, NC; Clute, Texas; Tampa, FL

Down South, it isn’t hard to find a celebration. But some of our festivals are just, well—different.

John B. Hood: The Confederacy’s Gallant Failure

Franklin, Tennessee

Unquestionable bravery and battle field victories did not insure John B. Hood’s success when he commanded the Army of Tennessee

Dreamy Fries . . . But What a Burger!

Corpus Christi, Texas

Sixty-five years and 700 locations later, this Southern favorite still serves burgers hot and freshly made to order, needing both hands to wrap around a toasted bun

Lorenzo Moore and the Last Comanche Killing in Hays County, Texas

Dripping Springs, Texas

On May 19, 1872, Hays County Commissioner Lorenzo Moore went looking for his mare at a creek on his property. What he found was a small band of the remnants of the Comanche.

Humble Beginnings for Austin’s Whole Foods

Austin, Texas

Whole Foods Market may be the retail giant of the natural and organic world, but a mere forty years ago it was little more than a dream

Breaking the Barrier with Austin City Limits

Austin, Texas

The longest-running music program in history, Austin’s world-renowned PBS production exceeded the limits from the start over forty years ago

Open Air Worship in the Scenic and Sunny South

Orkney Springs, VA; Mechanicsville, VA; Cleveland, SC; Parish, FL; Austin, TX

Whether they gather a congregation on Sunday, offer a retreat from the norm, or exist solely to remember what once was, these open-air chapels scattered throughout the South are definitely worth a day’s trip

Bat Country

Austin, Texas

Meet 1.5 million of Austin’s quirkiest residents

Another Austin Prodigy: The Remarkable Sarah Jarosz

Austin, Texas

Every once in a while somebody comes along who’s actually worth of the descriptor “prodigy”: singer-instrumentalist-songwriter Sarah Jarosz is one such talent

An Ode to Chocolate: Southern Chocolate Festivals

Dallas, TX; Morehead City, NC; Orlando/Miami/Tampa, FL; Fairfax, VA

From Texas to Virginia, we Southerners love chocolate so much we throw big parties for it year round