South Carolina

Cold Turkey: Turkey Shoots, a Southern Autumnal Tradition

Beaufort, South Carolina

The shooting of actual turkeys expired long ago—their heads replaced with paper targets—but the shoot-out remains a tradition across America, especially in South Carolina’s low country

Rollicking on the Reedy: Greenville’s Historic River Park

Greenville, South Carolina

From the Cherokee camps of centuries ago to the cultural hub it is today, the Reedy always has been—and always will be—a river and giver of life

Baseball’s Missing Famer: Shoeless Joe

Greenville, South Carolina

After nearly a century, Shoeless Joe Jackson still holds White Sox records—as well as the stain that shut down his amazing career

Presidential Minstrel: Josh White and the Roosevelts

Greenville, South Carolina

With the release of Southern Exposure: An Album of Jim Crow Blues, America’s racial woes got the ear of the White House—and blues musician Josh White got their genuine friendship

Barefoot and Bedraggled: Josh White Beginnings

Greenville, South Carolina

Josh White became the most prominent and prolific black artist of his time, but his musical entrada began under modest circumstances, to say the least

Greener by the Dozen: 12 Months of Celebration in Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina

There’s always something to celebrate in Greenville!

Move Over, Colonel: The Best Fried Chicken in the South

Charleston, SC; Nashville, TN; Mason, TN; New Orleans, LA; Atlanta, GA

No, Colonel, you didn’t make our list, but we sincerely hope you would approve of our roundup of some of the best fried chicken in the South

Red Brick and Blue Skies: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Rock Hill, South Carolina

The fifth-largest city in the state of South Carolina, Rock Hill still has a small-town feel to it through and through—and boasts some of the most beautiful old churches you could desire to view

Mascots of the SEC: Part Three

Jackson, Mississippi; Oxford, Mississippi; Columbia, Missouri; Columbia, South Carolina

Bullies, controversy, fighting chickens, and a little bit of Civil War history. Always expect the unexpected in the Southeastern Conference, especially when it comes to mascots.

A Tasty Sampling of Appalachia

Asheville, North Carolina

Any good Appalachian cook knows that fast food is what you pick from the ground—a proper meal takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love

Odd Festivals of the South

Austin, TX; Marlington, WV; Spivey's Corner, NC; Clute, Texas; Tampa, FL

Down South, it isn’t hard to find a celebration. But some of our festivals are just, well—different.

Open Air Worship in the Scenic and Sunny South

Orkney Springs, VA; Mechanicsville, VA; Cleveland, SC; Parish, FL; Austin, TX

Whether they gather a congregation on Sunday, offer a retreat from the norm, or exist solely to remember what once was, these open-air chapels scattered throughout the South are definitely worth a day’s trip