16 of the South’s Most Beautiful Churches: Part Two

Baltimore, MD; Madison County, MS; St. Louis, MO; Durham, NC; Tulsa, OK;

Worshiping with marble and arches, stained glass and steeples, Southern believers state by state have a glorious heritage in ecclesiastical architecture

Public Enemy Number One: Bonnie and Clyde

Dallas, Texas

Famed for a crime spree lasting nearly three years, Bonnie and Clyde have been more romanticized than nearly any other two criminals in history

Town Overnight: The Story of Stunning Guthrie, Oklahoma’s First Capital

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Once the center of all things Oklahoma, Guthrie remains to this day one of the loveliest Victorian towns in the South

The Life and Death of Elmer McCurdy

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Not even death could put a stop to ham-handed outlaw Elmer McCurdy’s terrible luck.

Lovely by Design: The Gift of Foucart to Guthrie

Guthrie, Oklahoma

From Belgium to Paris to the new territorial capital of Oklahoma, Joseph Pierre Foucart brought beauty to life and impressed it on the buildings of an age

The 16 Highest Points in the South

The Highest Elevation of Each Southern State

From low-lying Florida to windy West Texas, the highest elevation point in each state throughout the South has always had its own extraordinary attraction

Ned Christie’s Last Stand

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

The infamous Cherokee outlaw was exonerated of the crime that put his name in history. It was just twenty-six years too late.

E.W. Marland’s Palace on the Prairie: The Marland Mansion

Ponca City, Oklahoma

With fourteen karat gold leaf ceilings, Waterford crystal chandeliers, and buffalo hide lined elevators, the extravagance of this architectural marvel is only rivaled by the sensational story of its inhabitants.

Memory of a Massacre

Fort Smith, Arkansas

The U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas, remembers the eleven lives lost in 1872 with the Goingsnake Massacre exhibit.

The Guthrie Gunfighters

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Meet the Guthrie Gunfighters, a self-proclaimed “wild herd of owl hoots and lawdogs” with a passion for the West, a penchant for the dramatic, and a seemingly endless supply of blanks.

Oklahoma: The Sooner State


Settlers laying a claim sooner rather than later in the Land Rush of 1889 left behind a nickname and a legacy in the would-be state.

Guthrie’s Elbow

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Simultaneously cradled and threatened by Guthrie’s Cottonwood Creek, a neighborhood, a people, and a way of life faced troubled times enough—and survived

The First American Cowgirl: Lucille Mulhall

Guthrie, Oklahoma

With teacup proportions and daredevil spirit, Lucille Mulhall carved a name for herself in the unapologetically masculine world of the cowboy.

From Soldier to Chief: The Story of John Ross


Despite his own hardships faced by the Indian Removal Act and the death of his wife, John Ross became one of the most influential chiefs in Cherokee history.

Bulldog with a Battle Axe: Carrie A. Nation

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Armed with a righteous fire and a keen blade, Carrie Nation became the terror of saloon owners and the scourge of the soused.

9 of the South’s Most Dazzling Fall Foliage Displays

The vegetative American South is packed with opportunities to venerate the autumn colors. These nine places, from historic hamlets to national parks and gardens, are renowned for their spectacular foliage displays.

Outlaw on the Open Range: The Story of Bill Doolin

Guthrie, Oklahoma

At age twenty three, young Bill Doolin left the sharecropping legacy of his parents to pursue the life of a cowboy, utterly unaware that he would one day be hailed as one of the greatest outlaws of the Wild West.