Will the Real Watermelon Capital of the World Please Stand Up?

Cordele, Georgia; Hope, Arkansas; Luling, Texas; Rush Springs, Oklahoma

From Georgia to Texas, Southern states celebrate watermelon goodness and greatness—who gets the title of Watermelon King?

16 of the South’s Most Beautiful Churches: Part One

Mobile, AL; Little Rock, AR; St. Augustine, FL; Macon, GA; Covington, KY; New Orleans, LA

Worshiping with marble and arches, stained glass and steeples, Southern believers state by state have a glorious heritage in ecclesiastical architecture

From Athens to Zephyr: All the Greek-Named Cities of the South (Part Three)

Arcadia, LA; Arcadia, FL; Arcadia, MO; Arcadia, TX; Arcadia, OK; Arcadia, TN

From Arcadia to Arcadia, Southerners have found some beautiful spots to set up their not-always-so-perfect utopias

16 of the Prettiest Spots in the South (Part Two)

Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Arkansas

Another handful of some of the brightest spots in this sunny South we call home

Would You Please Spell That? Interesting Place Names in the South

All 16 States of the South

Like so many other places, the South is full of thousands of curious, crazy, hard-to-spell, and sometimes downright hilarious place names. Here are a few favorites.

100 Years and Counting: Historic Restaurants of the South (Part 2)

Cumberland, MD; New Orleans, LA; Tampa, FL; Bessemer, AL; Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; Galveston, TX

In a culture where the vast majority of new restaurant ventures won’t make it to their first anniversary, these Southern-rooted venues have made it to their centennials at the very least

A Cowgirl in a Cowboy’s World: Part Two

Talihina, Oklahoma; Kingsville, Texas; Hickman County, Tennessee

Taking the bull by the horns—sometimes literally—these Southern women made quite a name for themselves in cowgirl history

A Cowgirl in a Cowboy’s World: Part One

Austin, Texas; Mulhall, Oklahoma; Alpine, Texas

Unintentional leaders, these Southern cowgirls reshaped the worlds they lived in while shaping a future for the generations to follow

The Making of the Mother Road: Cyrus Avery and Route 66

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks to this one Tulsa man, we can all get our kicks via a more southerly route on one of the most beloved of all American roads

Indian Tom and the Museum: The Founding of Gilcrease

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thomas Gilcrease dedicated his life to building a museum to honor the land and culture that—quite literally—made him a millionaire

Boom-Born Beauty: The Philbrook Museum

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum is more than just a collection of artifacts—it’s the very embodiment of the city’s history

A Reboot for Brady: Tulsa’s Brady Arts District

Tulsa, Oklahoma

About twenty years ago one of Tulsa’s oldest neighborhoods began to rebuild and reshape itself—today it is a thriving epicenter

Time Changes Everything: Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

Tulsa, Oklahoma

When jazz and blues were vibrating in dance halls across the nation, country western collided with those soulful melodies to make Western Swing—and it was Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys leading the way

5 Things You Never Knew You Wanted to See in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sure, museums are great and shows are fine, but the best way to experience T-Town may be to take a detour off the beaten path

16 of the South’s Most Haunted Places: Part Two


There are plenty of creepy corners of the South that will send a chill up your spine, but these are some of the spookiest—enter if you dare!

All Hail the Monarch!

Keep your eyes peeled for this month’s monarchs—they’re about to undergo the journey of a lifetime.

5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

World-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed only two skyscrapers in his illustrious career–who would have thought one of them was right here in downtown Bartlesville?