North Carolina

Mountain Cornbread: As It Should Be

Madison County, North Carolina

This “new way” to do cornbread showed up over a hundred years ago, but it’s the old way and the only way for some

Carolina Fish Muddle

Hertford County, North Carolina

Its list of ingredients may be short, but its history is not, spanning centuries and people groups, all tied to one small region of the South where the fish were plentiful

Britt’s Donuts

Carolina Beach, North Carolina

With seventy-seven years under their belt at one of the best boardwalks in the nation—you are not gonna beat Britt’s for something sweet in the morning

The Miracle of Hickory

Hickory, North Carolina

It was the worst polio epidemic ever, but the little North Carolina community in which it originated saw a miracle of equally unprecedented proportions

Rivers Wild: Southern Whitewater

Ducktown, TN; Bryson City, NC; Wetumpka, AL; Reliance, TN

Beat summer’s heat with a paddle down some of the Southeast’s best whitewater

Bradham’s Original Pure Food Drink: Pepsi Cola

New Bern, North Carolina

Over 100 years ago in small-town North Carolina, a product hit the market with the tagline, “Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion.” Alka-Seltzer? Pepto-Bismol? Nope—none other than our dear old Pepsi.

Ruth’s Salads and Their Conquest of the South

Charlotte, North Carolina

Ruth’s Salads has been providing us Southerners with quick, easy, and positively delectable salads and sides for decades, and we have a feeling this is one family tradition that is here to stay

Honeysuckle: Scent of the South

Asheville, North Carolina

Many Southerners may curse the invasive weed that, like its kudzu cousin, strangles unlucky plants in its path, but in the end it remains what it is—the essence of home

Blue Ridge Parkway: Highway Heaven

Asheville, North Carolina

Few memories are as vibrantly clear as those hours spent huddled in the backseat, sticky, sweaty limbs tangled with our siblings, scrabbling for views of those sweeping vistas

Bulldog for the People’s Rights: Zebulun Vance of North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

From a childhood spent striving for education and betterment, to a youthful career of political advancement and wartime devotion to his people, Vance exhibited a tenacious support of the good, in both himself and his nation

National Treasure: Biltmore’s Wartime Art Fortress

Asheville, North Carolina

Few Americans knew, but during the darkest days of World War II some of the nation’s most precious belongings were safe in the confines of the Vanderbilts’ North Carolina estate

A Beautiful but Ill-fated Cure: Asheville Sanitariums

Asheville, North Carolina

When tuberculosis reached nearly epidemic proportions in late nineteenth-century America, physicians prescribed low humidity, cool nights, warm sunshine, and fresh air. Exactly. The mountains of western North Carolina.

Flower Power Down South: The North Carolina Azalea Festival

Wilmington, North Carolina

For nearly 70 years now, Wilmington has been ringing in every new spring with one of the biggest and best festivals in the South, complete with beautiful belles, spectacular entertainment, and, of course, the most amazing azaleas

A Tasty Sampling of Appalachia

Asheville, North Carolina

Any good Appalachian cook knows that fast food is what you pick from the ground—a proper meal takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love

7 Top To-Do’s in Ravishing Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is certainly one of the most picturesque whistle-stops in the South, but, more than just a pretty face, this little city has the eats, arts, and brews to woo even the most stalwart sightseer

Seersucker and Sweet Tea: The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South (Part 2)

Elon, NC; Sewanee, TN; Fayetteville, AR; Richmond, VA; St. Augustine, FL

The Southern college campus—a perfect blend of old and new: thoughtful but not rushed, gracious but a bit headstrong, a little wild but always polite—and beautiful

Seersucker and Sweet Tea: The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South (Part 1)

Tuscaloosa, AL; Siloam Springs, AR; Winston-Salem, NC; Decatur, GA; Sarasota, FL

Here’s to that sanctum of sweet perfection, the Southern college campus