Weeping and Wondering over the Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears State Park, Jackson, Missouri

A beautiful park—commemorating one of the darkest events in American history

The Cobra Blues

Springfield, Missouri

Some stories are so outlandish that they simply must be true

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Springfield’s Miracle League

Springfield, Missouri

They say miracles happen every day if you only look for them—but rather than looking for one, the city of Springfield, Missouri, took matters into their own hands

Where to Get Your Kicks: Springfield’s Own Route 66

Springfield, Missouri

There’s nowhere better to celebrate the Mother Road than in Springfield—where it all got kicked off to begin with

Little Miss Dynamite: Brenda Lee at the Top of the Charts

Springfield, Missouri

At ten she had the voice of a twenty-something-year-old country rock superstar—and she used it to become just that

An Ozark Original: Springfield’s World-Famous Cashew Chicken

Springfield, Missouri

One of the world’s favorite Chinese dishes was crafted right here on the other side of the globe

Wild Bill Hickok and the Mother of All Shootouts

Springfield, Missouri

Hollywood may have glorified the main-street gunfight of the Old West, but all fiction has at least one foot in reality—Wild Bill was the real deal

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Springfield

Springfield, Missouri

Come discover what lies just off the beaten path of the Main Street of America

A Man, Some Tackle, and a Dream: The Story of John Morris’s Bass Pro

Springfield, Missouri

It’s a story about a man and his love for fishing. Like many a fishing tale, the story of Bass Pro starts with some lures and a strong drink. Sort of.

100 Years and Counting: Historic Restaurants of the South (Part 1)

Middleburg, VA; Bardstown, KY; Arrow Rock, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX, Potomac, MD; Meridian, MS

In business for no less than a century, these dining venues are where history meets the culinary world

Mascots of the SEC: Part Three

Jackson, Mississippi; Oxford, Mississippi; Columbia, Missouri; Columbia, South Carolina

Bullies, controversy, fighting chickens, and a little bit of Civil War history. Always expect the unexpected in the Southeastern Conference, especially when it comes to mascots.

Confederate Chaplain E. M. Bounds and the Battle of Franklin

Franklin, Tennessee

E. M. Bounds wrote many books on prayer, and his life was one of prayer—especially in the days after the Battle of Franklin