Land Between the Lakes: The Elk and Bison Prairie

Golden Pond, Kentucky

With 170,000 acres of forested and open land between two massive lakes, this largest inland peninsula in the nation is home to a lot of happy wildlife, as you can well imagine

100 Years and Counting: Historic Restaurants of the South (Part 1)

Middleburg, VA; Bardstown, KY; Arrow Rock, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX, Potomac, MD; Meridian, MS

In business for no less than a century, these dining venues are where history meets the culinary world

Mascots of the SEC: Part Two

Gainesville, Florida; Athens, Georgia; Lexington, Kentucky; Baton Rouge, Louisiana

From live gators and mountain lions to a 500-pound tiger, the Southeastern Conference is filled with some of the fiercest mascots in college football

A Tasty Sampling of Appalachia

Asheville, North Carolina

Any good Appalachian cook knows that fast food is what you pick from the ground—a proper meal takes time, patience, and a whole lot of love

John B. Hood: The Confederacy’s Gallant Failure

Franklin, Tennessee

Unquestionable bravery and battle field victories did not insure John B. Hood’s success when he commanded the Army of Tennessee

16 of the South’s Most Haunted Places: Part One


Proceed with caution—these spooky Southern spots may just tempt you to keep the lights on at night!

America’s Ambiguous Bard: Stephen Foster

Bardstown, Kentucky

Far more than a toe-tapping jingle or a nostalgic celebration of Kentucky’s beauty, Stephen Foster’s contribution to American music is an immortal dedication to the complex and nuanced passions of the South

Off the Beaten Path in Berea

Berea, Kentucky

The Appalachian arts-and-crafts-centered town of Berea offers not only yearlong opportunities to display and teach most any trade, but, for over 150 years now, education and equality for all, side by side

Maker’s Mark

Bardstown, Kentucky

As Bill Samuels began his trek down the long road to Maker’s Mark, he had one goal: produce a quality bourbon that was easy on the palate—and his commitment to craftsmanship, rather than profit, was the key to his success

Bardstown and Bourbon

Bardstown, Kentucky

Bourbon Capital of the World, Bardstown is where it all started—and it’s where it keeps going on in rare form

Beauty on the Beast: Paducah’s Flood Wall Murals

Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah’s flood wall was doing a great job keeping water out, but boy, was it utilitarian. No worries. Paducah’s finest and brightest knew how to make it one of the most beautiful features in town.

Old Talbott Tavern

Bardstown, Kentucky

Daniel Boone, Abraham Lincoln, General George Patton—the guest list at the Old Talbott Tavern is a virtual who’s-who of American history