Southern Domesticity: The Development of Homes in the South

Savannah, Georgia, and Gainesville, Florida

Comfortable, practical, and still traditional, the Southern home has come a long way from origins both humble as well as socially ambitious

The Art of Southern Christmas: Part One

Ever wonder why we put citrus in our stockings? Why the Outer Banks celebrate Christmas twelve days late? Find the history behind five of the South’s most perplexing Christmas traditions here.

5 Southern Christmas Light Displays You Can’t Miss

Austin, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; Richmond, Virginia; McAdenville, North Carolina; St. Augustine, Florida

From Texas to Florida, the South is all lit up with Christmas. Here are five of the Christmas-lights best!

Ghostly Graveyards and Cemetery Lore of the South

Micanopy and Lulu, Florida

Who needs Hollywood horror or contrived “haunted houses”? Southerners have been getting sufficiently creeped out for a long time with just good old-fashioned ghosty graveyards

Sweetness of the South: Honey and Syrups

Savannah, Georgia; Newberry, Florida

There’s more than one way to sweeten up the South, and sweet-toothed Southerners have been doing it for a long time

The Ghost Town of Ellaville

Ellaville, Florida

Once the site of a large, bustling community, a massive commercial enterprise, and the residence of a former governor, Ellaville is now hardly a skeleton of what she used to be

Okefenokee, Artichokee: Southern Swampland at Its Best

Folkston, Georgia

Straddling the Georgia-Florida border, the Okefenokee Swamp and National Wildlife Refuge is 480,000 acres of pure-D awesomeness

Florida’s Original Tourist Attractions: The Spring Resorts

White Springs, Suwannee Springs, Worthington Springs, and Hampton Springs, Florida

The hot spot in the Sunshine State a century ago? Neither beaches nor Disney, of course, but the magical springs that promised every cure under the sun

MacClenny’s Heritage Village

MacClenny, Florida

What began as this small Southern town’s modest restoration of their train depot has grown into a full-scale reproduction of century-ago village life

McShacks: The House the Crackers Built

Lake City, Florida

What do hugging necks, shelling peas, and string music have in common? They all take place on the welcoming front porch of a Cracker house.

Stetson Kennedy in Context

Jacksonville, Florida

The great Klan-buster of the mid-twentieth century had been born into a different world than ours—and it’s different largely because he helped to change it

Escape to Apalachicola

Apalachicola, Florida

The name may be a bit hard to say, but for several reasons, this tiny fishing village is quite easy to love