Jesse McReynolds: In Part (Part 1)

Coeburn, Virginia

These 87-year-old Appalachian-born fingers still know how to burn up the strings on a mandolin—and like nobody’s business

Finding Your Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Whether you’re a history buff or a culinary enthusiast, this Arkansas gem has something to please

7-Song History of the Fiddle in the South

The South has a unique claim to the fiddle and its ever-evolving contributions, and here are 7 songs to prove it

Digging into the Grave Mysteries of Van Buren’s Fairview Cemetery

Van Buren, Arkansas

Four stone slabs and a headstone with illegible runes—stories abound, but the mystery remains in this venerable old cemetery in western Arkansas

Brantley Farm #4: A Lot Going On Underground

England, Arkansas

Corn, cotton, rice, and soybeans stick their roots down deep into Brantley Farm soil as another hot Southern summer adds its own seasonal magic

Brantley Farm #3: Tommy’s Flying Service

England, Arkansas

Mark Carter and photographer Jonathan Funk bring the world of farming into focus by looking at a skillful pilot’s part in bringing food to America’s tables

Step Aside, Boys: The Story of Hattie Caraway

Jonesboro, Arkansas

The first woman elected to the United States Senate, this outspoken Southern girl wasn’t such a “Silent Hattie” after all

Every Angler’s Tale: The Story of Forrest L. Wood and Ranger Boats

Flippin, Arkansas

From one little Ozark mountain town came the boat of many a fisherman’s dreams—all it took was for one Ozark fisherman to turn the dream into a reality

Brantley Farm #2: Sunlight on a Green Plant

England, Arkansas

Mark Carter joins Arkansas farmer Laudies Brantley for a planting-season tour in this second installment of the Brantley Farm series

Mascots of the SEC: Part One

Auburn, Alabama; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Fayetteville, Arkansas

Few things get us Southerners quite as excited as seeing our team’s mascot sprint onto the field

Dorothy Matters

Providence, Arkansas

She has lived just about every last one of her 83 years in the same rural Arkansas farming community, and you can bet this strawberry-picking, egg-gathering, quilt-making mother of three has quite a story to tell

Brantley Farm #1: Going Forward

England, Arkansas

Soon the fields of Brantley Farming Co. will sprout rice, soybeans, cotton, and corn over more than 10,000 acres of prime Mississippi Delta farmland. The Brantleys preside over a third-generation farm on the Delta’s western fringes, just twenty-five miles east of Little Rock.

Seersucker and Sweet Tea: The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South (Part 2)

Elon, NC; Sewanee, TN; Fayetteville, AR; Richmond, VA; St. Augustine, FL

The Southern college campus—a perfect blend of old and new: thoughtful but not rushed, gracious but a bit headstrong, a little wild but always polite—and beautiful

General Patrick Cleburne—the Confederacy’s Fighting Irishman

Franklin, Tennessee

Irish by birth and Southern by adoption, Pat Cleburne gave his life and risked his career fighting for the Confederacy

Seersucker and Sweet Tea: The Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South (Part 1)

Tuscaloosa, AL; Siloam Springs, AR; Winston-Salem, NC; Decatur, GA; Sarasota, FL

Here’s to that sanctum of sweet perfection, the Southern college campus

5 Southern Cities for Romance

Alexandria, VA; Charleston, SC; Knoxville, TN; Asheville, NC; Eureka Springs, AR

It doesn’t have to be a holiday for these towns to turn on the charm and set the mood for love

Stranded in the Southern Ditch: Paul Theroux’s Deep South

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Roger Sauls answers popular travel writer and novelist Theroux as he asks, “Can anything good come out of the South?”