Christmas in the South

Christmas Time’s A-Comin’: Bluegrass Music’s Greatest Christmas Song

Coahoma, Texas

Memories of Christmas back home in Texas inspired a research scientist in New England to write a bluegrass hit

“The Minnigerode” and the Christmas Tree

Williamsburg, Virginia

If you took “the tree” out of the average American Christmas experience, the holiday would largely be unrecognizable. And yet did you know that this seemingly dyed-in-the-wool Yuletide element has only been popular in our country since the nineteenth century?

A Gingerbread House Original: Picking Up the Pieces

Montgomery, Alabama

The best-laid plans often crumble—but it’s OK

Christmastown, USA

McAdenville, North Carolina

Take a tour of McAdenville, North Carolina, and discover why the town has become known as Christmastown, USA

Little Miss Dynamite: Brenda Lee at the Top of the Charts

Springfield, Missouri

At ten she had the voice of a twenty-something-year-old country rock superstar—and she used it to become just that

Eat and Be Merry: Edible Gifts for Christmas

Montgomery, Alabama

Homemade treats make memorable gifts—even after they’re eaten!

Potlikker Soup

Montgomery, Alabama

Cooking greens for New Year’s like every other good Southerner? Save the “likker” and make ’em go that much further

Oyster Stew and a Southern Christmas Eve

New Orleans, Louisiana

This briny treat isn’t just delicious, it’s steeped in centuries of tradition and inherently sewn into the very fabric of our country

Ambrosia: Southern Food of the Gods

Concord, North Carolina

With countless variations on this Southern favorite, you’re bound to enjoy a little scoop of heaven this Christmas season

Merry Cookie to All—and to All a Good Bite!

Montgomery, Alabama

Baking Christmas cookies with your kids is a tradition they’ll cherish long—here’s an easy recipe for making your own Christmas-cookie magic

The Art of Southern Christmas: Part Two

Whether it’s slapping pecans in a kugel or lighting a bonfire to guide in an alligator-drawn sleigh, there are few traditions that can’t be made a bit better by a dash of Southern charm

Christmas Brunch

Montgomery, Alabama

For many, Christmas morning is the most wonderful moment in the most wonderful time of the year. Why not top it off with a Christmas morning brunch to help you hold onto the warm and cozy just a bit longer?