Christmas in the South

Christmas in Florida: Saint Augustine’s Festive Lights and Sights

Saint Augustine, Florida

Despite the lack of very conventional Christmas-y weather, Florida has plenty of Christmas traditions all its own

Give ’Em Food: Food Gifts for Christmas

Montgomery, Alabama

When you share the fruits of your labor with someone, it means so much more than anything you could have bought

Merry Cookie to All—and to All a Good Bite!

Montgomery, Alabama

Baking Christmas cookies with your kids is a tradition they’ll cherish long—here’s an easy recipe for making your own Christmas-cookie magic

The Art of Southern Christmas: Part Two

Whether it’s slapping pecans in a kugel or lighting a bonfire to guide in an alligator-drawn sleigh, there are few traditions that can’t be made a bit better by a dash of Southern charm

Christmas Brunch

Montgomery, Alabama

For many, Christmas morning is the most wonderful moment in the most wonderful time of the year. Why not top it off with a Christmas morning brunch to help you hold onto the warm and cozy just a bit longer?

Divinity, aka Southern Candy

Soft and sweet with just a hint of crumble, divinity is the Christmastime favorite in the South and well beyond.

The Poinsettia’s Southern Progenitor

Greenville, South Carolina

When Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American diplomat and botanist on assignment in Mexico, first sighted a roadside poinsettia in 1828, he immediately sent cuttings back to his greenhouse in Greenville. The rest is history.

Lighting the Way for Papa Noel: St. James’s Bonfire Capital of the World

Gramercy, Louisiana

Who needs electricity? Nobody lights up Christmas quite like the river folk of southern Louisiana