Thomas Calder

Thomas Calder earned his MFA in Fiction from the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program. He has worked for several literary journals, including Gulf Coast and The Collagist. You can find his bi-weekly arts column on Follow him on instagram (@t.calder) to learn more about Asheville and its history through his #tuesdayhistory posts.

Asheville Folk

Asheville, North Carolina

It’s a community of collaborators—photographers, painters, writers, musicians, hikers, entrepreneurs, foodies, and other folk—who have found the mountains of Asheville the ideal place for work and home

Love and Furniture: Atomic Furnishing & Design

Asheville, North Carolina

It was love at first sight that brought Todd and Megan Walsh together—the sight of a good deal on some mid-century furniture, that is

The Other Side of Paradise: Fitzgerald’s Time in Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina

“There is a poor, desperate, unhappy man staying at the Grove Park Inn. He is a man of great talent but is throwing it away on drink and worry over his misfortune. . . . His name, I forgot to say, is Scott Fitzgerald.”