Peter Horton

Peter Horton blogs about food, culture, and transcending cultural divides at He was born in southern Arkansas and raised in central Arkansas. He fell in love with the Ozarks and never left.

Sean Brock: Portrait of a Southern Chef

Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee

This champion for Southern culinary traditions and locally-grown produce has a Southern heritage cookbook collection you wouldn’t believe—and his own Heritage is about to belong in every Southern kitchen.

Foodwise: Where It’s at in Staunton

Staunton, Virginia

While feasting your eyes in beautiful downtown Staunton, Virginia, feast your palate and soul as well at these these food scene favorites

Five Unforgettable Fayetteville Restaurants

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Whether it’s for the football or the arts or the natural beauty, when you’re in Northwest Arkansas, do right by your taste buds and eat here

Sean Brock’s Heritage Cookbook: A Review

Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee

Chef Sean Brock tells the story of the South through recipes made from cultural influence, economic necessity, and local agriculture

The Tontitown Grape Festival: Year 116

Tontitown, Arkansas

How do you celebrate 116 years of history? Homemade spaghetti, rolls, and fried chicken, that’s how! It might sound strange to anyone not from the South, but in this part of the Ozarks, it’s a natural combination.