Mike Walker

Mike Walker is a Florida-based journalist who writes extensively for the Eastern European press as well as the American media, mostly about sports and outdoors. His work has appeared in Croatia Week, InSerbia, Coal Hill Review, Slate, SEE: A Fortnight in Review, The Moscow Times, Top-Soccer, Gently Read Literature, Valdosta Today, The Bold Italic, Untapped Cities, Goldenseal, and elsewhere. He is from Virginia and studied architectural history and architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He's also a nationally-certified coach in the sports of track and field, soccer, and basketball.

Historic Preservation: Take Savannah, for Example (Part One)

Savannah, Georgia

The South boasts architecture that traces its history and culture back to its very beginnings, and Savannah leads the way in showing us how not only to preserve this treasure but revive it and utilize it for the South of today

Historic Preservation: Take Savannah, for Example (Part Two)

Savannah, Georgia

Photojournalist Mike Walker continues his look at the historic preservation—and thoughtful transformation—of Southern architecture through the lens of one of the South’s oldest but most innovative communities

Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the American South

Ocala, Florida

Tex-Mex and New Mexican cuisines have their own very important contributions to American foodways in the South, but the arrival of authentic Mexican has added other options and new tastes to experience

Hoop’s Up: High School Basketball in the South

Live Oak, Florida; Valdosta, Georgia

March Madness will soon captivate the nation once again, but the game originated in the same high schools that bring communities together across the South

David Levy Yulee and the Emerging State of Florida

Fernandina Beach, Florida

The first Jew elected to the US Senate, David Levy was one of the greatest of Floridians, helping to build the Florida we have today

Steel Magnolias and the New Southern Cuisine

Valdosta, Georgia

What do you get when you combine a homegrown chef with locally-sourced food and century-old southern Georgia downtown architecture? Steel Magnolias, of course, and the South’s whole new-old restaurant experience done right.

Lake City and Florida’s Gateway

Lake City, Florida

Lake City is often skipped over by tourists headed south and glossed over by the news, but make no mistake about it, it’s a thriving and fascinating place

Calving in the South: A Winter’s Work

Sinks Grove, West Virginia; Live Oak, Florida

Beef and dairy are two of the leading agricultural pursuits in the American South, and young calves can bring serious money—while the winter their born in can bring serious challenges to a calf’s survival

Preserves: The Soul of Summer in Southern Winters

Union, West Virginia

Southerners have long had to figure out means of providing ample food through the winter when food is scarce

Christmas in Florida: Saint Augustine’s Festive Lights and Sights

Saint Augustine, Florida

Despite the lack of very conventional Christmas-y weather, Florida has plenty of Christmas traditions all its own

Railroad Towns in Georgia and Florida

Waldo, Florida

Lucky for us, railroad towns all around Florida and Georgia offer up a wellspring of history as well as a charming setting for new business ventures from inns to shops to restaurants

Have a Cigar: Ybor City, the Festive Heart of Tampa

Tampa, Florida

Our South at one time was a frontier, a place where people could form new starts no matter where they came from—a place like Ybor City

Covington: The Life of an American Mill Town

Covington, Virginia

Located in some of the most scenic country in the nation, this small Virginia mill town has always had a lot to offer visitors and residents alike

Fall Festivals in the Heart of Florida

McIntosh, Florida; Micanopy, Florida

Autumn may be a bit warmer in Florida than in the rest of the South, but that doesn’t keep her from hosting some fantastic fall festivals celebrating Old Florida’s community-centered harvest time

Gainesville’s Historic Pleasant Street Neighborhood

Gainesville, Florida

Segregated from the mainstream white areas, black American neighborhoods across the South developed into fully-formed townscapes, and there is no better example than Gainesville’s beautiful Pleasant Street

Soul Food: The Heart of Southern Cuisine

Micanopy, Florida

While soul food, like all foodways, took cues from other inspirations, it can genuinely be considered America’s first original and most authentic cuisine

Valdosta: A Revival of the Hub of Georgia’s Wiregrass Region

Valdosta, Georgia

One hundred years ago Georgia’s Wiregrass Valdosta ranked highest in the nation for per capita income, and her efforts at revitalizing a Southern city’s downtown deserve the high marks today