Mark Carter

A recovering journalist and native Arkie, Mark lives in Little Rock with his wife Anne and two teenagers. He remains on a quest to see his beloved Hogs win another (and this time, undisputed) national championship in football.

First Boys of Spring: How Spring Training Sprung Up in Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas

You may not know this, but roughly half of Baseball’s Hall of Famers did spring training at this little resort city in Arkansas

Brantley Farm #5: Harvest Time

England, Arkansas

Autumn means the cotton comes in and the pumpkins go out

Farmer-Hunters: Hunt in the Morning, Harvest in the Afternoon

England, Arkansas

At the Brantley farm in England, Arkansas, hunting is as much in the family DNA as farming, and hunting seasons cycle with harvest like the crops themselves

Bentonville: Northwest Arkansas’s Rockwellian-Warhol Vibe

Bentonville, Arkansas

Start with a generous helping of Main Street, toss in a little art deco ambience, and add a pleasing temperate climate coupled with the beauty of the Ozark plateau

Art Amour in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

One of the most naturally beautiful spots in America, award-winning architecture, and an art explosion that won’t quit makes this little Ozark town more and more attractive all the time

Easy, Breezy Fayetteville: A Boomtown Buffer in the Ozarks

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Arkansas’s highland retreat provides its own independent, funky vibe

Brantley Farm #4: A Lot Going On Underground

England, Arkansas

Corn, cotton, rice, and soybeans stick their roots down deep into Brantley Farm soil as another hot Southern summer adds its own seasonal magic

Brantley Farm #3: Tommy’s Flying Service

England, Arkansas

Mark Carter and photographer Jonathan Funk bring the world of farming into focus by looking at a skillful pilot’s part in bringing food to America’s tables

Brantley Farm #2: Sunlight on a Green Plant

England, Arkansas

Mark Carter joins Arkansas farmer Laudies Brantley for a planting-season tour in this second installment of the Brantley Farm series

Brantley Farm #1: Going Forward

England, Arkansas

Soon the fields of Brantley Farming Co. will sprout rice, soybeans, cotton, and corn over more than 10,000 acres of prime Mississippi Delta farmland. The Brantleys preside over a third-generation farm on the Delta’s western fringes, just twenty-five miles east of Little Rock.