Bill Izard

Bill Izard resides in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is managing editor for He's lived in the South fifty of his fifty-three years (he got lost in Cincinnati for three years one time) and loves early morning mountain climbs, river valley sunrises, and a good story to chew on any time day or night.

16 of the South’s Most Beautiful Churches: Part One

Mobile, AL; Little Rock, AR; St. Augustine, FL; Macon, GA; Covington, KY; New Orleans, LA

Worshiping with marble and arches, stained glass and steeples, Southern believers state by state have a glorious heritage in ecclesiastical architecture

From Athens to Zephyr: All the Greek-Named Cities of the South (Part Four)

Corinth, Kentucky; Corinth, Mississippi; Corinth, Texas; Corinth, Arkansas

Like their Grecian namesake, the communities named Corinth in the American South often have a history of being first at something—or at least second or third

From Athens to Zephyr: All the Greek-Named Cities of the South (Part Three)

Arcadia, LA; Arcadia, FL; Arcadia, MO; Arcadia, TX; Arcadia, OK; Arcadia, TN

From Arcadia to Arcadia, Southerners have found some beautiful spots to set up their not-always-so-perfect utopias

From Athens to Zephyr: All the Greek-Named Cities of the South (Part Two)

Sparta, GA; Sparta, KY; Sparta, MS; Sparta, TN; Sparta, VA; Sparta, NC; Spartanburg, SC

Seven Spartas dot the South, and each one has its own story of that indomitable spartan spirit

From Athens to Zephyr: All the Greek-Named Cities of the South (Part One)

Athens, GA; Athens, AL; Athens, TN; Athens, TX; Athens, WV; Athens, LA

Quite appropriately, the cultural capital of the ancient world has multiple Southern towns for its namesake

16 of the Prettiest Spots in the South (Part Three)

Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida

Last in a short series celebrating a few of the beauty marks our beloved South sports for all the world to see

16 of the Prettiest Spots in the South (Part Two)

Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Arkansas

Another handful of some of the brightest spots in this sunny South we call home

16 of the Prettiest Spots in the South (Part One)

Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia

The first in a three-part series exploring state by state some of the best the South has to offer in pretty places

“The Minnigerode” and the Christmas Tree

Williamsburg, Virginia

If you took “the tree” out of the average American Christmas experience, the holiday would largely be unrecognizable. And yet did you know that this seemingly dyed-in-the-wool Yuletide element has only been popular in our country since the nineteenth century?

Yes, Virginia, Yours Really Is the First Official Thanksgiving Holiday

Berkeley Plantation, Virginia

In the contest for First Thanksgiving holiday rights, the South wins!

The Battle of Monocacy: The Day Early Was Late

Frederick, Maryland

The Confederates were on the road to Washington with little to stop them—except a river and a future author with no chance of winning a battle

A Southern Halloween

The holiday, of course, is celebrated throughout America, but it looks like the South has a prior claim

The Famous Storytelling Farmwife of Mansfield: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Mansfield, Missouri

America’s “Little House on the Prairie” girl spent most of her life as a farmer’s wife on a little wooded ridge in the Ozarks of southern Missouri

Branson Beginnings

Branson, Missouri

From general store to a hundred shows, this star in the Ozarks has always had a visionary, hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit to keep it going

Mind-Blowin’ Wind Farms of Nolan County, Texas

Sweetwater, Texas

For Philip Nolan the money-making draw in 1801 was wild-as-the-wind mustangs. Two hundred years later his beneficiaries are making their millions by harnessing the wind itself.

Brewton’s Alabama Blueberry Festival

Brewton, Alabama

When it’s time to gather in the blueberries, Brewton knows how to do it up big.

That’s Three Hundred in Beaufort Years: Part Two

Beaufort, North Carolina

For three centuries and running, Beaufort, North Carolina, has been the place to be for the quiet—and not so quiet—life of the coastal South