Ben House

Ben House teaches history and literature at Veritas Classical Christian Academy in Texarkana, Arkansas. Much of his teaching, reading, and writing, and many of his rabbit trails in lectures are about Southern life. Ben is married to Stephanie, and they have four children.

George Washington and His Political Battles

Mount Vernon, Virginia

The political battles between Washington and Jefferson remind us that political conflict is not new

Robert E. Lee: The Man and His Horses

Lexington, Virginia

Perhaps no one served General Lee so faithfully during his Civil War years as his devoted horses, Traveller and Lucy Long

Christmas Time’s A-Comin’: Bluegrass Music’s Greatest Christmas Song

Coahoma, Texas

Memories of Christmas back home in Texas inspired a research scientist in New England to write a bluegrass hit

Barbara Frietchie, Heroine of Frederick, Maryland

Frederick, Maryland

To this day Barbara Frietchie is celebrated in Frederick with horse and motorcycle races, hams, canned vegetables, and chocolates named after her—all bearing witness to the power of a poem

The Unvanquished

Oxford, Mississippi

Undoubtedly the best introduction to Faulkner’s literary world—and his best telling of the Southern story

Kill Jeff Davis: A Failed Union Raid

Richmond, Virginia

It reads like the latest and greatest spy-espionage-adventure novel. The only problem is that it actually all happened.

The Jilting of Richard Henry Lee

Westmoreland County, Virginia

This particular Lee made the original declaration that the colonies should be free, but political forces then muffled his career

First in Their Hearts . . . but Where Was Washington on the Fourth?

Mt. Vernon, Virginia

George Washington gets a lot of credit for his role in the founding of the United States, and he deserves every bit of it

Acuff for Governor: Country Music and American Politics

Nashville, Tennessee

Country Music usually tries to avoid partisan politics—but not always

General Patrick Cleburne—the Confederacy’s Fighting Irishman

Franklin, Tennessee

Irish by birth and Southern by adoption, Pat Cleburne gave his life and risked his career fighting for the Confederacy

Confederate Chaplain E. M. Bounds and the Battle of Franklin

Franklin, Tennessee

E. M. Bounds wrote many books on prayer, and his life was one of prayer—especially in the days after the Battle of Franklin

John B. Hood: The Confederacy’s Gallant Failure

Franklin, Tennessee

Unquestionable bravery and battle field victories did not insure John B. Hood’s success when he commanded the Army of Tennessee

Silver and the South: Oxford’s Controversial History Professor

Oxford, Mississippi

James Silver was ahead of his times, and, not surprisingly, that got him in trouble at the University of Mississippi in the turbulent early 1960’s.

The Homecoming: The Waltons’ Christmas Eve Story

Schuyler, Virginia

A whole generation of Americans grew to love the stories of a Virginia family during the Great Depression after the showing of this Christmas movie

Giving the South Credit for Thanksgiving

Jacksonville, Florida; Jamestown, Virginia; Berkeley Hundred, Virginia

Yes, the Pilgrims and their Indian neighbors celebrated Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock—but thanksgiving celebrations had already been occurring in the Southern regions for some time earlier

Immortal Teacher: A Memorial to Dr. Louise Cowan

Dallas, Texas

Her final lecture less than two months before her death on November 16, 2015, Dr. Louise Cowan, 98, was true to her passion for teaching and literature to the very end

Chickamauga: The South’s Greatest Victory—and Missed Opportunity (Part One)

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Battle of Chickamauga could easily have been the turning point of the South’s War for Independence