Terrific Tailgating Treats

Montgomery, Alabama

Score some points by adding these two treats to your tailgating/football party repertoire


Terrific Tailgating Treats

Montgomery, Alabama

Score some points by adding these two treats to your tailgating/football party repertoire


Princeton’s Timely Creative Renaissance

Princeton, West Virginia

Ever since the coal industry changed, this coal-built mountain town has been mining it’s native spunk and creativity to add beauty on top of beauty


4 Guitarists Who Changed Southern Music (Part 3): Stevie Ray Vaughan

Dallas, Texas

Although cut short by tragedy, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s phenomenal career had a profound and lasting effect on America’s musical landscape


Casting Hope: The Mayfly Project

Benton, Arkansas

What do you get when you combine a love for fly fishing and a love for kids? Nothing less than a Jess and Laura Westbrook, that’s what.


Jesse McReynolds, In Part (Part 2)

Coeburn, Virginia

From barn shows to the Grand Ole Opry, Jesse McReynolds has given the music world his same humble yet brilliant style over and over again for three quarters of a century


Down in the Delta: Greenwood, Mississippi

Greenwood, Mississippi

Take a day or two to discover this charming Delta town


Easy, Breezy Fayetteville: A Boomtown Buffer in the Ozarks

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Arkansas’s highland retreat provides its own independent, funky vibe


Fall in Love with Magnolia Springs

Magnolia Springs, Alabama

Slow down and step back in time with a visit to Magnolia Springs


Thomasville’s Quintessential South

Thomasville, Georgia

Whether you come for the celebrated restaurants, to buy some local cheese, or to seek out the elusive quail—and be sure to take in the high school football game too—Thomasville’s got you covered on Southern-townism


Jesse McReynolds: In Part (Part 1)

Coeburn, Virginia

These 87-year-old Appalachian-born fingers still know how to burn up the strings on a mandolin—and like nobody’s business


One Man’s Castle, Another Man’s Cottage: Carnegie’s Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island, Georgia

It’s been a playground for the wealthy and a happy home for wild horses—Cumberland Island is a peaceful paradise waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by many more


Do-It-Yourself Butter, Two Ways

Montgomery, Alabama

Butter is better when you make it yourself


Smithey and Boynton and the Designing of Virginia’s Modern Architecture

Covington, Virginia

Two of the most important architects for their time and place, Smithey and Boynton brought the buildings of western Virginia into the twentieth century


4 Guitarists Who Changed Southern Music (Part 2): Scotty Moore

Gadsden, Tennessee

Not just Southern music—Scotty Moore’s guitar in the shadow of Elvis changed the future of rock and roll, and the world of music has never been the same


Okefenokee, Artichokee: Southern Swampland at Its Best

Folkston, Georgia

Straddling the Georgia-Florida border, the Okefenokee Swamp and National Wildlife Refuge is 480,000 acres of pure-D awesomeness


10 Interesting Facts About James Monroe

Charlottesville, Virginia

He drew the line in the sand with his Monroe Doctrine, but did you know he had foreign capitals named after him?


Finding Your Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Whether you’re a history buff or a culinary enthusiast, this Arkansas gem has something to please